Re: Kopyl (Kapule)/ Arranged marriages #general

Fred Selss

Almost all the Orthodox Jewish marriages were arranged. Most times by a matchmaker. This is still being done in some Jewish communities. Most times the couple meet once or twice before they are married. Both the man and the woman have to agree to the marriage. It is not forced upon them but the initial “ introduction” was made by a matchmaker. The matchmaker might have been a friend, relative or a professional matchmaker. So it is very possible for the couple to be separated by geography and still wind up married.The Broadway show and movie Fiddler on the Roof shows a theatrical performance of this practice in a village in Russia. Hopefully, the couple will learn to love each other. My Great Grandparents were living about 30 miles apart in Hungary. They married and had 10 children. They came to NY with their children and told them the story of how they met via a matchmaker!

Fredrica SeLss

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