Looking for descendants of Mates KONIGSBERG, KEHGSBERG, Sara VOGEL, Sara VISMAN #poland #israel

Baker Rosalie

My uncle, Mates KONIGSBERG was born in Tarnogrod, Poland 06/17/1902 to Shrage Fajwel and Meite 
He moved to Danzig, then Berlin, then Amsterdam, then Barsingerhorn in Holland.

Sara VOGEL was born in Cieszanow (Czeszenow, Ciechanow, Cheszanow,) Poland on March 4, 2011 to Mordekhai and Yeta.

On June 12, 1936, Mates KONIGSBERG married Sara VOGEL in Holland.

On August 3, 1936 they arrived in Palestine on the ship “Galil”

I am at a brick wall.  Except on the Yad Vashem website I found pages of testimony for Josef FOGEL from Cieszanow born 1905, Rachel WOGEL from Czeszenow born 1908 and Yitzkhak Dawid VOGEL from Ciechanow born 1914.

Yitzkhak Dawid and Josef were victims of the holocaust in the Netherlands.

 The Pages of Testimony were submitted by their sister, Sara VISMAN

Sara, born in 1911 fits right in with Josef, Rachel and Yitzkhak. My father did say that Mates died young. I think Sara Vogel Konigsberg married Mr. Visman after my uncle died. 

Any information on descendants of Mates KONIGSBERG, Sara VOGEL, Sara VISMAN would be greatly appreciated.  

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