Re: Samuel Unger Family from Bielsko-Biala and Kamesznica,Zywiec, Poland #poland #galicia


I have a copy of a book, ZYCIE Wedlug Wartosci, written by dr Jacek Proszyk, the archivist at the Bielsko Biala Castle Museum about the Jewish Community over time. The book is written in Polish but comes with a CD of the English version, which I will continue looking for. The book relies heavily on written sources, which are mostly about men and almost no genealogical information. He mentions Edmund and Josef Unger, Jakob, Joachim and Leo Seifter and Josef Rufeisen, but no women. The author's email is proszyk@.... Nice man, very happy to share what he knows.

My grandmother, Ida Schanzer, born 1885 in Andrychau, moved to Bielitz Bialy. I have a school photo of her class, must be about 1898 at the Jewish Girls' School. Can anyone suggest where I might post it?

Jessica Skippon
SCHANZER in Wadowice and Andrychau
BORGER and BIRN in Andrychau

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