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Joel Ratner

No registration is necessary. Translating the Lithuanian language is a must! In other words, install the capability to have Google Translate directly translate your webpages.

If you were to go to the home page and attempt to fill in the required information in order to get to these records, you would follow the following procedure:

1.The home page is at:
2. Once you have translated the website to English, the navgation is as follows: 

3. Under Description Search, choose Advanced. The form will change slightly, giving you more fields which may be poulated.

4. Under Custodian, Choose LVIA (Lith. State Historical Archives). Also fill in 11 under Fund. This pertains to these specific records. Select Search or hit Enter.

5. You will see in dark blue 2/3 of the way down the number 11 followed by the title of this fond. It will read as follows:

                                        1 - 1 of 1                                    
11. Treasury Commission of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Komisja Skarbowa Wielkiego Księstwa Litewskiego) (LVIA)

6. Click on this and you will be taken to the next screen where you will see a full description of the fond. Read through it if you'd like, but select the button below labeled "View circular descriptions"

7. You will now see a screen giving you a choice of two files to examine. Click on the first one. This will take you to a screen which describes Fond 11/1. Do not click on the PDF file near the bottom under "Files". Instead, select the button at the bottom which reads "View descriptions of units of account". Note: If you click on the PDF file title, you'll see an inventory book which lists the contents of F11/1 by title but not the images.

8. The last screen shows you a listing of all the images held under F11/1. Select which images are of interest and you will see the final screen where you now select the PDF file. This file contains the images. For Kovno records, you'll see the filename as follows:
Files LVIA_F11_ap1_b1021.pdf

Joel Ratner

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