Re: Libraries with Ancestry Remote Access Through ProQuest Has Been Extended Through July 31 #announcements


It is WONDERFUL to have this free access to all of their records, particularly those from other countries.

I want to point out an issue, though:

When you "view" the original source, you will usually be taken to a page that shows your specific image, which is one of a series of pages in a particular file.  You can then easily save this original page directly to your computer via the "Save" button at the top right of the screen.  BE CAREFUL.  After saving, open the image that you saved (wherever you saved it on your computer) and double-check that you have indeed saved what you intended to save!   I am finding that, very often -- with no apparent rhyme or reason -- the FOLLOWING page was saved, rather than the record that I want!  Going back and trying again usually succeeds.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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