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My parents had a total of 25 first cousins. I at least met as a child or have located since I started pursuing genealogy 22 of them. I recently posted about Herbert (Naftali) BACHARACH, and with the help of readers here put his sad story to rest Thanks again. This post is about cousin #24. The last one is an illegitimate daughter of a brother of my paternal grandfather whom I will probably only learn about if a descendant takes an autosomal DNA test.
My grandfather’s sister Julie STRAUß (STRAUSS) nee BAER (14 July 1872 New York – 30 June 1951 New York) and her husband Aaron (Adolf) STRAUß (28 April 1855 Walldürn [Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg] – 15 June 1905 Frankfurt am Main).had two sons. One, Ludwig STRAUß (born 16 February 1894 Frankfurt), was killed early in World War I. 
All I know about the second, Robert STRAUß, was that he was born on 6 October 1897 in Frankfurt and moved to South America. He supposedly broke contact with the family including his mother. By any chance is anyone familiar with him?
Yes, Julie was born in New York before her parents returned to Germany about 1874.
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