Re: Seeking information on a village named Horodok, Vilna #lithuania


Thank you for clarifying the names of these towns.  Mine is :

Haradok, (current modern name), is identified in JGFF database as Haradok, (near Molodechno).
    This is probably town that the initial query was all about. 
    During Russian Empire era place was known as Gródek, Vilejka uyezd, Vilna gubernia
    During the interwar period (1918-1939) town was known as Gródek, Molodeczno powiat, Wilno Wojewodztwo , Poland
    Town population was ~70% Jewish in 1921.
    There are 134 searches for this town by Genners in JGFF database.

I  understand that there also might be Haradok in the Ukraine.

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