New Cadastral Maps: Sokal and Ustrzyki Dolne #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Two new, exquisite maps have just been uploaded to the Gesher Galicia
Cadastral Map Room for the towns of Sokal and Ustrzyki Dolne.

Sokal Center Cadastral Map 1854

Full-color cadastral map of the center of the town of Sokal (Sokal', Sikal,
Skol, Skul), surveyed and lithographed in 1854, and with a number of
redline revisions for a later edition. The town developed on both sides of
the meandering Bug River; by 1854, scattered suburbs had branched
from and attached to the dense main town. Buildings and land parcels
are clearly numbered. Also labeled on the map are a large monastery and
several churches, a large synagogue, Jewish and Catholic cemeteries
located away >from the river, and several named streets (unusual for an
early map). Other features include a small market square, road
development, and a ferry, and some indicate extensive water drainage
and irrigation (probably already centuries old when this map was made).

Ustrzyki Dolne Cadastral Map 1852

A complete, full-color lithographed cadastral map of the town of
Ustrzyki Dolne (Istrik, Istryk, Ustrik, Uschiki Dolne), surveyed and
lithographed in 1852, with extensive redline revisions for a future
edition. The town is small but with several large buildings and a growing
market square; when the town was surveyed, a second settlement was
developing north of the town center. The map is lightly worn but clear,
with all buildings and parcels numbered. Featured on this map are an
administrative office, a church, a synagogue (unlabeled), three small
Catholic cemeteries, a large Jewish cemetery, two rivers, a mill canal, and
many small creeks draining through the farmlands.

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Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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