Re: DNA Puzzler #galicia

Ann Rabinowitz

Regarding Meyer Denn's quandary about his DNA connection to a family
in Finland. It is not such a mystery perhaps, but one of a number of
alternative options.

There were Jews who were conscripted and sent to various parts of the
Russian Empire. Many times, Jewish soldiers were assigned to musical
components of the military and performed in many places. Also, men
were conscripted, demobilized and given land in far flung parts of the
Russian Empire such as Finland where they settled.

In addition, there were soldiers who were Finnish and who served either
in the Russian Army in various parts of the Empire or that of the Swedish
or other Armies during their intrusions.

So, it didn't necessarily have to be a Jewish soldier who went to Finland,
it could have been a Finnish soldier who went to or was stationed in the
town of Baligrod or Brod/Brody. The town of Brod/Brody was a major
transfer point for immigrants and many soldiers were stationed there.

Also, the connection in your family could have been a more distant branch
such as a cousin or uncle who might not have been known or remembered
by your family. Not only that, the abusive spouse mentioned could have
interacted with a Finnish woman.

Sounds like more research on Meyer[s part and that of the Finnish woman
is needed . . . Perhaps military records or military history of the Finnish

Ann Rabinowitz

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