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Max Heffler

There are too many trees elsewhere to keep up-to-date except for these wikitrees and I only have (barely) enough time to keep one up-to-date. Using Ancestry and MyHeritage, I am enhancing and correcting geni all of the time, just about every day, so my tree on geni becomes more accurate as time goes on. While all trees are far from perfect, I am relieved to know that the tree I am refining everyday will outlive me.


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I'm so tired of people complaining here about  If you don't like it don't use it.


Personally, I have found some good info on geni and some bad info on geni.  I don't use it as MY family tree.  It is a WORLD family tree.  I have my own family tree.  Everything I get from geni, I verify before it goes into my family tree.


Adding to geni does not hurt anyone (unless they think it is gospel), but it helps a lot of people.


Now I will step off my soapbox and continue my family genealogy and get help wherever it comes from.


Robert Hanna



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