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Renee Steinig

From what I'm seeing, Samuel's older children (Katie, Morris, Rosie, Fannie) were born in Hungary in the 1870s and early 1880s and the younger ones (Estelle/Esther, Joseph) were born in the US in the mid-1880s. Estelle's records show birth in NY; Joseph's say either NY or Wisconsin. What looks like the right family was in NY for the 1900 and 1905 census (Samuel and Fannie Gluck and children, Houston St., Manhattan). A listing in 1915 -- Samuel and Francis Gluck on Ave A, Manhattan -- also looks promising. So any time spent in Milwaukee or Boston may have been short.

I found on the gravestone of a Samuel Gluck who died in 1918 and is buried at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn. Also at Washington Cemetery, with a very similarly designed gravestone, is Fanny Gluck.  

Some details from the graves:

Samuel Gluck 
Sini Yo..? ben Yakov Yehuda (See detailed attached.)
died 13 Jan 1918, age 73

Fanny Gluck
Frieda bat Moshe Zvi
died 19 May 1918, age 70

Some details from their death records (viewed on FamilySearch and Ancestry):

Samuel Glick 
Born c1853 Hungary
Died 13 Jan 1918 Manhattan
Parents: Jacob Glick, Katie Gottfried
Note: 317 Ave A

Fanny Gluck
Born 16 May 1858 Hungary
Died 19 May 1918  745 Brook Ave, Bronx 
Parents: Morris Goldberg, Kate Gross

There are several reasons to think that these are the right people...

Hebrew names - Names of both are similar to the parents' names ("Sima" and "Frida") that appear on a transcription of "Ester" Gluck and Charles Mittelman's 1910 marriage record. (See FamilySearch.)

Addresses - The address noted on Samuel's death record is the same as that of Samuel and Francis Gluck on the 1915 census. And 745 Brook Ave., Bronx -- Fanny's place of death -- was the address of his daughter Fannie Black  in Sept. 1918. (See Benjamin Black's WWI draft card.)

- Is it possible that your father was named for Samuel?
- You might try calling Washington Cemetery to ask whether Samuel and Fanny are buried near each other and whether any additional information about them appears in the cemetery's records.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Bob Gluck <bobgluck1@...> wrote:

I am trying to find information about my great-grandfather, Samuel Gluck (maybe 1947-1929). I have very little. I believe that he was born in Budapest, immigrated to NYC around 1879, and at some point maybe moved to Milwaukee, WI. I believe that he was married to Frances Goldberger. Their children included my grandfather Joseph, Katie (Herz), Morris, Fannie (Black), and Esther (Mittleman). My late father, Joe’s son Stanley, once told me that Sam may have lived in Milwaukee for a few years and eventually moved to the Boston area, but he didn’t really know. Any ideas?

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