Re: 1764/1765 Revision lists #lithuania

Joel Ratner

The only revision lists on the web site linked to the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania are the 1765 lists previously identified. If there are any later ones, I have not found them.

That takes us to the revision lists from 1795 - 1858. Familysearch now has microfilms available for view of the 1795 - 1834 revision lists. Technically speaking, they have covered F515/15/ 1 - 588.
There are many more in the wings however, I don't know if the 1850/51 and 1858 revision lists were filmed. Beyond 1858, there were family lists included in F515 which also may have been filmed however, the LitvakSIG may know more about this.

If you go looking for the 1795 - 1834 Jewish community RLs at Familysearch, they are NOT under the title "Jewish records", but under "Taxation". See below.


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