Date of document of Lvov Ghetto database ID 20775.Fritz Heim and Anna Schiffmuller Heim #holocaust


I am trying to date a document which shows Fritz and Anna Heim of Vienna living in Gartenstrasse 93. All the details of Fritz and Anna are correct, her maiden name, and their dates of birth. I have been informed by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum that the records were listed as originally recorded between 1942-1945 and the document is part of the Lviv Oblast Archive (Accession number 1992.A.0069.RG-31.003M ). My difficulty is that all the other evidence I have shows that Fritz Heim was deported from Vienna to Nisko on the 27th October 1939 and didn't return. His wife Anna Heim nee Schiffmuller was born in Lvov on the 1st November 1896, she was deported from Pillersdorfgasse 3/3 Vienna 2 on the 27th April 1942 to Izbica. Other documents say she was sent to Wlodawa on the 27th April 1942. My research has also shown that as the camp at Nisko wasn't complete, some of the deported men were told to return home. I was wondering if Fritz Heim went to his wife's birthplace as Lvov and Nisko are quite near one another, and Anna joined him there in 1939. But if that is the case, how could she have been transported from Vienna in 1942? How easy would it have been to travel from Lvov back to Vienna from 1939 onwards? Thanks for any thoughts/help anyone can give. Diane

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