Question about obtaining records from Fond 154 of the Przemysl Archive #galicia #poland

Moses Jefferson

Dear folks,

I recently learned of a very important book of records for my research. The book holds records for the town Podkamien in Galicia, this book is apparently held in the fond 154 of the Przemysl State Archive. Interestingly, this exact fond is currently part of Gesher Galicia identification project (see here), however the particular book I need isn’t actually part of the project (they’re only working on the “70” series of the fond). 

More interesting is that if you go on the Polish State Archive website index for the Przemysl archive ( there’s no mention of fond 154. There’s a fond 153 and 155 respectfully but fond 154 seems to be off limits by the archive. Any reason for that?

Gesher Galicia do have an index to all the books in the fond, it can be viewed here: The book I need is series 37 file 2 (Births 1841-1875).

Would any of you know what to do in such a scenario? Must I contact the archive directly and request a scan of the book, or hire a researcher to do it for me? How do I convince them that such a fond exists when it’s non existent on their public website?

Has anyone already obtained a copy of book in this fond? Or maybe even the book I’m looking for?

I would appreciate any advice or help which would bring me closer to breaking through my family brick wall!


Moses Jefferson 
London, UK

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