Re: Looking for Polish woman who jumped off train to Auschwitz #poland #holocaust


My cousin by marriage Truda Osterman, later Rosenberg was about 18 on the train to Auschwitz.  They were able to pry apart two boards so she could squeeze through.  She was red headed, which made it necessary to     dye her hair, but she survived for 2 or more years in Nazi Germany.  Sometimes she evaded capture by the skin of her tteeth.

it was quite moving going to the Holocaust museum in Washington with her,  We started out as a small family group and ended up 30 or more people listening while she pointed out on the train there exactly where she had been able to slip through.  I think she gave testimony at the museum later, so you may be able to find her story there.

 She survived, married twice, the second time to my cousin and lived a long and satisfying liife. 

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