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Hi All
I am seeking any information on descendants of Rosha Mendelson. Rosha Mendelson was born in Mogilev Belarus about 1875/76. Her parents were Movsha-Shlema and Sorah Mendelson. Rosha married Nakhman Goldberg. The only evidence I have found is their marriage date of 1901 on website. Someone else who is from the Goldberg side is also seeking information. Also seeking any information on descendants of Zelik Mendelson. Zelik Mendelson was born in Mogilev in 1897 to parents Yosel and Rokhilya Mendelson. Zelik married Leah Pozina and had a daughter Elya or Gayla.  Elya married someone with surname Dumchin I believe and had 3 children of Sima, Evengy, and Lyudmilla. I have tried in the past to contact Elya, but I never got a response. I believe she was living in New York according to a POT she submitted, but now I think she has passed. I would like to contact her children but have no clue where they are. So any and all information on both my Mendelson ancestry queries is appreciated.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)

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