Re: Looking for Polish woman who jumped off train to Auschwitz #poland #holocaust

Phil Goldfarb

There is a tailor named Sherman Ray (original name Sasha Rajko) in Tulsa, OK who along with several of his friends escaped the train in Poland and hid in the woods for a year. One of the friends had frostbite so they brought him into the ghetto for treatment where they were captured again. His parents and siblings were in the same boxcar with him and would not leave or jump out . They later died at Auschwitz as I found their records for them at Bad Arolson. When he was captured, they sent him to Auschwitz and the only reason why he survived is because he tailored all of the Nazi's clothing. He is 99 years old, still exercises every day (when the gym is open), a good friend of mine, and JUST RETIRED by closing up his shop due to Covid 19 virus. He is sharp as a tack and has spoken to our JGS several times in the past. If you want to hear his story, he was recorded on Voices of Oklahoma:
Phil Goldfarb
President, JGS of Tulsa

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