Re: Possible for JewishGen to provide translations of headings for original records/forms? #general

Nolan Altman

Hi Erika,

I'm not sure if all of JewishGen's Research Divisions handle their introductions in the same way, but each data set within the Holocaust Database has its own "Introduction".  The purpose of the Introduction is to give the researcher 1) some background on the data set, 2) information on the detail presented in the source material with all the column headings that the researcher will see in the online search return screen, 3) where the source material came from and who to contact for more information, and 4) acknowledgements for those volunteers that helped make the data set available.  If there is additional information specific to that data set, (abbreviations, occupational translations, etc.) that should also be presented in the Introduction.

The Introductions can be found by clicking on the name of each component database on the Holocaust Database homepage at 

Hope that helps.

Nolan Altman

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