Re: Possible for JewishGen to provide translations of headings for original records/forms? #general

Erika Gottfried

Noel -  The  introductions are extremely helpful, but they're geared towards using databases themselves--(indispensable) partial indexes of the original records rather than original records themselves. This makes total sense since the indexes were created before there was online access to the original records.  And therefore, understandably, the introductions usually only give the names of the headings were created for the databases, not the headings used in the original records; they also do not necessarily give the names of the headings for information that was not indexed.   Now that there is online access to so many of the original records that were indexed, it would be of great assistance to those using them (including, if not especially, those double-checking on the indexed information) to have translations of the headings in these records.  

After some looking around after my initial post a few days ago,  I saw that FamilySearch's excellent wiki on Hungarian genealogical research does include translations of some of the headings used for civil registrations  (, so perhaps it wouldn't be necessary to reinvent the wheel entirely were JewishGen pages created to help with headings translations; perhaps such pages could provide links to resources like this.

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

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