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Stephen Weinstein

My point was to refute the claim that absolutely no names were changed on Ellis Island at any time, before or after they went through immigration, that whatever name a person had on the ship was their name when the left the island. Obviously, marriages on Ellis Island account for only a very small percentage of the name changes that supposedly happened there.

Stephen Weinstein

On Monday, June 29, 2020, 07:48:13 AM PDT, Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...> wrote:

They wed AFTER going thru immigration, not before.

On Jun 28, 2020, at 7:36 PM, Stephen Weinstein via <> wrote:

To be a smart ass, I would like to respond as follows to everyone claiming that absolutely no names whatsoever were ever changed at Ellis Island:

There were "hundreds of immigrants were married on Ellis Island" (  Since married women didn't keep their maiden names in those days, unless the bride and groom already had the same surname before they married (which is possible, but not common), each woman who got married at Ellis Island would have changed her name there -- to her new husband's surname.

This, I hope, will resolve the question conclusively and bring the argument to an end -- but I don't think it will.

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