Re: Searching for my great aunt Rakel GOLUB b.1884 Minsk #belarus #holocaust

David Lewin

At 16:43 29/06/2020, Angela Lehrer wrote:
I'm searching for the married name of my great aunt Rakel GOLUB born
Minsk 1884 and the names of her children who were probably murdered
in the Minsk ghetto around 1942. Her parents were Aryeh Leib GOLUB
of Lebedev, Belarus and Rose SHULKIN also of Belarus. I've searched
the Bad Arolson archives and contacted the Red Cross, but so far I
haven't traced her. Her brother, my grandfather, Tuvia GOLUB/GLOBE
used to send money to her via Barclays Bank in Liverpool before WW2,
but the bank has no existing archive of that period. I also asked
Yuri Korn from Belarus to investigate but haven't had any luck.
I've run out of ideas and any help would be greatly appreciated as
I'd like to record her name and those of her children in Yad Vashem.

Angela Lehrer

GOLUB Minsk/Lebedev Belarus
S(H)ULKIN Belarus

This, clearly, is NOT your aunt, but a namesake,

Maybe it connects ?

I am in the process of collating 30 year's work of Forence MARMOR at
Mokkom Sholom/Acacia/Bayside cemeteries

Notes from Florence Marmor Data collected by Florence Marmor, David
Gevertzman, David Priever and Maurice Kessler plus other volunteers
from gravestones, death certificates, information from family
members, etc. Copyright 1995 by Florence Marmor, David Gevertzman,
David Priever, Maurice Kessler plus other volunteers, from
gravestones, death certificates, information from family members, etc.

Rachel GOLUB
death cert #2901,
died 01/13/1890 at residence and birthplace 24 Ludlow St., New York,
N.Y. of gastro enteritis and marasmus, age 3 months and 14 days,
father Chaim Golub, mother Bettie Golub, both parents born Russia,
buried 01/15/1890, undertaker Joseph Mistovsky, 8 Bayard St., New York, N.Y.

David Lewin


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