Help in finding information about Romanian relatives post-1910 #romania #general

Rick Zeckel

I am looking to find more about that portion of my family that came from Romania, particularly the parents and siblings of my maternal grandmother, Feiga Singer. My grandmother and her siblings were born in Targu Neamt between 1895 and 1911, but I don’t believe they stayed there. My grandmother left from there in 1921, traveling to Antwerp, Belgium, where she met my grandfather and gave birth to my mother. As far as I can tell the remainder of her family remained in Romania until at least after World War II.


Feiga was born in 1898 to Avram Meir and Sura Segal. She was the third of eight children. I do not have dates or locations associated with the death of either of the parents. Of the remaining children this is what I have:


Moishe was born in 1895. He married a woman named Frima Avram with whom he had two children: Gina born in 1925 and Itzhak in 1930. I believe he was living in Buzau at the time he became a father. He survived the war having spent some time in a labor camp (I don’t know which one). In 1950, still living in Buzau, he officially changed his name to Marcel Abramovici. He may well have used Abramovici or Abramovitz for quite some time prior to that point. The family moved to Israel at different times in the 1950s.


Riva was born in 1896. That is the only information I have on her.


Iosub was born in 1900. I have seen several items that make it appear he died in Iasi in 1944, but I can’t be sure that any of them are actually this person or just someone with the same name.


Simon was born in 1902. That is the only information I have on him.


Rebeica was born in 1904. In 1927 she visited Feiga in Antwerp. The Belgium archives show her name as being Rebecca Abramovici and that she resided in Bezeau. At some point, after returning to Romania in 1928, she married Aurel Creteu (I am not sure of the spelling of either his first or last name). They had a child named Adrian in 1946. They remained in Romania until the 1960s when they emigrated to Israel. Moishe’s grandchildren called her “Aunt Riri”.


Zalman was born in 1906. According to information contained in the Yad Vashem database he had at least two children and used the name Abramovici. He died in the Tighina death camp in 1942.


Tauba, the youngest of Feiga’s siblings, was born in 1910. She was married and lived in Bucharest. One source says she married Shlomo Hamundis in 1940. Another source says she married Roland Shternberg. She died in the Shoah but I don’t know the location of her death.


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