Gomborow/Gomborov #ukraine #general

Marcia Segal

Hello to all,

I’m looking for thoughts and guidance about a family surname, from Gorodische (the location that is supposedly about 100 miles from Kiev). My research has led me to the name Omborow (on the passenger manifest), Homboraw (on the petition for naturalization), Gomborow (used by some family members), and Gomborov (used by other family members). As you can tell, pronunciation played a role in the way the name was documented.

I would like to trace the name and the family further back, but without a better idea about the way the name may have been represented before the passage, it’s a challenge. My question: what could the name have been in an earlier manifestation? I can guess it was more like a gutteral “ch”: Chomborow, but any lead or idea would help. My thanks in advance for your time.

Best wishes,

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