From Tarnow area: RYK / REICH / RICH / RICK #dna #galicia


Looking for any further info or other possible connections to the following:
Samuel & Beile Ryk appear to be siblings, based on Beile's daughter Sarah listing Samuel's son "Louis Rick" as her cousin in contact field of her passenger record,
plus high DNA matches between their descendants.  Samson might be another sibling, or a close cousin, based on high DNA matches and birthplace?
     RYK, Samuel                  b. abt 1852
m. HOLLANDER, Dora    
           RICK, Louis / Leib            b. Galicia   1871, a. NY 1888
           RICK, Sam / Samson       b. Walki     1879, a. NY 1898
           REICH, Morris                  b. Sambor 1886, a. NY 1901

     RYK, Beile                      b. abt 1855

          SCHWARTZ, Gertrude     b. Kataya 1874, a. NY 1927    
     m. TESSER, Abraham            b. Galicia 1868, a. NY 1921
               + 8 children listing birthplaces:  Zepenik (1), Walki (5)

          SCHWARTZ, Sarah           b. Galicia 1884, a. NY 1900  
               passenger record lists contact = cousin "Louis Rick", above

     RYK, Samson                  b. Dembica abt 1864, a. NY 1902
m. GREENSPAN, Minnie     b. Dembica abt 1868, a. NY 1909
          RICK, Isidor                          b. Dembica abt 1890, a. NY 1906
          RICK, Charles / Kolman       b. Dembica 1894, a. NY 1909
          RICK, Oscar / Michel           b. Dembica 1895, a. NY 1909
          RICK, Harry / Heishe           b. Dembica 1898, a. NY 1909

More detail to the above, including another generation (all deceased),
available at:

Tarnow area timeline for Schwarzkuchel / Ryk / Tesser:

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    STORCH / SOLOMON / WACHTEL / ELBAUM   (Gorlice, Austria)   (NYC, USA)
    SCHWARZKUCHEL / RYK,REICH,RICK,RICH     (Tarnow area, Austria)  (NYC, USA)

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