From Tarnow area: SCHWARZKUCHEL #dna #galicia


Looking for any further info or other possible connections to the following:
Recently-added Tarnow birth records on Ancestry include 3 Schwarzküchel siblings, born between 1853-1863, with parents Moses & Chana, and 1 Schwarzküchel child born 1860, with parents Markus & Beile, as shown below.

In bold near topI've "penciled in" for consideration our family, given Gitel's Kataya birthplace about 10 miles east of Tarnow - plus DNA match with descendant of Moses > Schia Wolf > Solomon > Emanuel b.1914 Brooklyn.

In bold at bottom, I've "penciled in" for consideration the family of DNA match with descendant of Abraham > Benjamin b.1931.

With impreciseness of DNA, either or both of the families in bold could instead descend from Markus & Beile, or perhaps an unknown other brother in the area.  Among the 1940-1941 Kraków ghetto records also on Ancestry, are other Schwarzküchels born between 1883-1901, who I've not been able to connect up.  Perhaps with more DNA matches and trees ...

     Schwarzküchel,  Moses b.1822 
m. Neuman,             Chana b.1826    d.1902 

Schwarzküchel, Abraham b.<1853 Austria    d.<1898 Austria
   m. Reich,                  Beile               b.<1858 Austria  d.<1905 Austria
Schwarzküchel, Gitel       b.1874 Katary     m.1890 Austria    
Schwarzküchel, Sara               b.1884 Austria    m.1905 NYC 

Schwarzküchel, Sprinze  b.1853 Tarnow
   m. Muller, Moses Aron
Muller, Doba    b.1879 Rzedzin
Muller, Feiga    b.1881 Rzedzin

  Schwarzküchel, Hinde Ruchel b.1861 Tarnow

Schwarzküchel, Schia Wolf  b.1863 Tarnow
   m. Janozalek,         Tillie
Schwarzküchel, Bronka   b.1889 Krakow
Schwarzküchel, Solomon  b.1891 Krakow m.1914 NYC
Schwarzküchel, Bronislawa   b.1892 Kraków 
Schwarzküchel, Tonia   b.1895 Krakow
Schwarzküchel, Abraham    b.1898 ?? a.1948 NYC
             ??,                       Frieda                                                      "
Schwarzküchel, Benjamin b.1931 ??     "
m. Pemper, Rosi b.1884 Kraków  

     Schwarzküchel,  Markus
m.                              Beile
Schwarzküchel, Berl   b.1860 Tarnow
        Schwarzküchel,  ??
   m.                            Esther               b.a1863 Kraków   UK, 1906 Aug 25
Schwarzküchel, Nuchem   b.a1891 "
Nancy Schlegel
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
    STORCH / SOLOMON / WACHTEL / ELBAUM   (Gorlice, Austria)   (NYC, USA)
    SCHWARZKUCHEL / RYK,REICH,RICK,RICH     (Tarnow area, Austria)  (NYC, USA)

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