Offer from Boris M in Ukraine to translate Zhitomir documents #ukraine #translation


I was contacted by a man named Boris Makalsky from the Ukraine. He found my name in the JewishGen list of people looking for Posternak family in Zhitomir. He claims to have details of my husband's family going back to 1770. He wants to charge me for this information. I am skeptical of accepting a tree from him without proper documentation, which he wants to charge me extra if I ask for individual documents. This can get costly. His note is below:

I have a lot of documents related to your family. Approximately 40-50 documents. About births (Luser had at least 9 brothers and sisters), marriages, divorces and deaths.
1. Record of the birth of Luser in 1878. Names of father, mother, both grandfathers.
2. Record of the marriage of Luser with Rukhlya Milman in 1904. Their age, confirmation of the names of the fathers.
3. A record of the birth of their daughter in 1905.
4. Birth records of almost all of Luser's siblings.
5. Luser's father was a retired soldier and appeared in Zhitomir in the late 1860s. Before that, he lived in a completely different city. According to the censuses of this city,

You can trace the history of the family until the 1770s. For each scan from the original document with translation I ask 25.
There is another option. For $ 220, for all the documents I have, I make a tree from the 1770s to 1900.
This is about 60-80 people. This includes 3 any scans with translation. Each additional scan for $ 20.

Has anyone else had experience with Boris Makalsky? What would you recommend that I do?

Rhonda Post

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