Looking for any information on family name Zaubler/Zobler/Ziegler/Seidler moved to NY before WWII originally from Poland / Vienna #austria-czech #poland #galicia


My great grandmother, Clara (don't know her original husband's name but remarried someone named Seidler) moved with my grandmother, Anna Ziegler/Pimselstein (who perished in Auschwitz) fromĀ Pechenizhyn, Poland to Vienna sometime before 1922. In Vienna, Clara remarried to someone named Seidler and then moved to NY before the war. This is about all the information that I can find about this part of my family. I think Clara also had two other daughters, Rosa and Lena who were also living in NY. There were also two cousins of my mother named Leo Zobler and Leonard Spinner in New York whom were also connected somehow. I would greatly appreciate if any of these names "rings a bell" to hear anything more about this part of my family. Thanks!

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