Institutionalized relative - death date and burial location #general

L Levy

Hi! I have a great aunt who was institutionalized by her family, I don't know the reason, but I do have reason to believe she died at Pilgrim State Hospital in New York.  I've contacted Pilgrim, and although this woman has certainly been deceased for 50 years they will not release any information, including where residents were buried.  I've also searched NY death certificates.  I believe she passed in the 1960's.
There's no death certificate that I've been able to find either. 
Her name was Ida Levy, she was born in Harrisburg, PA in 1909, daughter of Rosa and Louis Levi (changed to Lewis Levy later) but lived in the Bronx, NY until she was institutionalized at Pilgrim, which is located in Brentwood, NY.  I have contacted the Jewish cemetery of Central Islip, but have not heard back yet.
Has anyone had experience with researching a family member in similar circumstances and do you have any advice? 

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