Smorgon vital records #lithuania

L Levy

My family, the Meirovitz/Meerovitz/Meirivitch family was from Smorgon, and I have records from Vilna and Kovno confirming the connection.  However, I've contributed/joined the Oshmiany group and searched through all the records for Smorgon and nearby shtetl records to no avail.
I'm would guess that there are other Smorgon decendants here, are there records missing?  For example, is there a later revision list? If so, is there another method of tracing family in the area?  I believe my family relocated after the 1915 pogrom, some went east to Minsk, several went to Vilna, and a few to Kovno.  However, it would seem that the family would be listed on the 1850 revision list, but unfortunately they are not.

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