More Przemysl and Sieniawa vital record images online #galicia #poland

Logan Kleinwaks

More scans of Przemysl Jewish vital records 1790-1933 and Sieniawa Jewish vital records 1869-1912 were recently added to the website of the Przemysl Branch of the Polish State Archives. These are only images, there is no search interface, however some (but not all) of the records are searchable at
To view the images, go to, then change the top drop-down option "Nr zespolu" to "1924" for Przemysl or "2001" for Sieniawa and press the "Szukaj" button at the bottom. You will see a table where each row refers to a group of images, covering one or more types of records (e.g., only births or births, marriages, and deaths) and one or more years. There are sometimes multiple rows referring to the same records (e.g., originals, duplicates, and indexes). In the first column on the left, "Sygnatura," is a link to the corresponding images. Clicking that link brings up a small image of the first scan with links below it to jump to other images. Clicking a small image will enlarge it. When viewing an enlarged image, you can press the right or left arrow to move forward or backward one image, and there is an icon on the left of a downward arrow in a circle, which you can click to download the image to your computer.
I have not carefully examined the records, but coverage by record type is roughly:
Przemysl births 1790-1827, 1853-1912; marriages 1790-1893, 1903-1933; deaths 1790-1933
Sieniawa births 1869-1912; marriages 1878-1881, 1887-1912; deaths 1878, 1880-1881, 1891, 1893-1898, 1901-1912

This includes the recent additions and images added previously. The additions seem to cover Przemsyl records 1902-, Sieniawa marriages 1901- (and maybe some earlier), Sieniawa births 1901-, and all Sieniawa deaths, but I have not carefully checked.  The additions are not yet viewable at, where all(?) of the previously-added images can also be viewed.
Thanks to the Przemysl Archives for continuing to make their holdings accessible online (also including numerous notary records, among other things).
Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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