Re: "Osterbücher" in 1832 Hessen-Nassau #germany

David Lewin

At 15:00 01/07/2020, Michael Rubin via wrote:
I have the estate inventory of an ancestor who died in 1832 in a small village in Hessen-Nassau. The inventory lists several obviously Jewish books (eg. "ein Judisches Gesetzbuch").  It also lists "2 Osterbücher."  I know that this term today means springtime children's books and/or secular books somewhat related to Easter themes such as bunnies and generally neutral in terms of religious content.  My question is what this term might have meant in 1832. I have a hard time believing it refers to today's version especially since this person was elderly and children were out of the house.  And, there were only two such books.  There were only one or two of any of the books in the house.
Could Osterbücher have meant haggadah for Passover?  Any other ideas?

Michael Rubin
Boston, MA USA

Surely Osterbücher are the Haggdot for Passover?

David Lewin

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