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Erika Gottfried

While looking for information about a troubled relative--I'll call him Max--in my husband's family, I did a broad search this man's first and last name in and stumbled on an index entry referring to a hearing to commit this man, linked to the original index record.  Max also was committed to Pilgrim State (this was in 1951) and also had lived in the Bronx, as did Ida Levy.  I'm pasting in the Ancestry description of this record below (while redacting the Max's real name).  It appears that Ida Levy also lived in the Bronx.  Perhaps you will have some luck with looking for her in this same database, and should you be lucky enough to find a reference to her there, will be able to follow the reference in the index to the original record(s) of a hearing and related documents--maybe including a record of her death if she died at Pilgrim State.

Good luck with your search.  I hope you'll let this discussion group know if you're successful, and if so, how you were able to prevail. 

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

[First name, Last name]

Name: [xxx]
Plaintiff or Defendant: Plaintiff
Date of Action: 26 Sep 1951
Place of Action: Bronx, New York
Other Party: Appt of cmt
Volume Number: 3
Location: The Office of the Bronx County Clerk
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