Re: Florence MARMOR burial records of the New York Mokkom Sholom, Bayside and Acacia cemeteries #usa

David Lewin

Over the years there have been very many emails between Florence and myself.  I was the backup for records she wanted to know to exist on a computer other than her own, ailing on. That is the source of the spreadsheet which I have now assembled and made public as she had wanted. I know that Florence collected the death certificates which she ordered from the Department of Health.

Why there is sometimes a report of death and at others a report of burial,I do not know.   Florence was not alone in this,  She was merely the custodian. The Data was collected by Florence Marmor, David Gevertzman, David Priever and   Maurice Kessler plus other volunteers from gravestones, death certificates, information from family members, etc.   Copyright 1995 by Florence Marmor, David Gevertzman, David Priever, Maurice Kessler plus other volunteers,  from gravestones, death certificates, information from family members, etc.

I do not have any of the actual certificates.

The RED text should not be red any longer.  As I added data to the growing file, I coloured new material red so that it stood out and I could then eliminate any duplicated records.  Once duplicates had been deleted, all should have been turned black - and clearly I failed to do so on the version you have seen

Incidentally, I see that in addition to Pesach there is also a record for
NOVINSKY Fanny       67y    buried 07 August 1900


At 19:23 01/07/2020, Risa Heywood wrote:
Thank you for posting this! It seems to be a combination of cemetery info and death certificate info. A record for my 3x great-grandfather, Pesach Novinsky, is in the file with information from his death cert. but there is no burial information such as plot or association. My copy of his death certificate says that he was buried in Bayside. It would be helpful to understand how the file was created and what the sources were? Were the death certificates part of the cemetery records? Do you know what the red text in the file signifies? I understand that you may not have any additional information.
Risa Daitzman Heywood

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