Re: IAJGS Conference Planning


I think the IAJGS 2020 team is doing a great job! Thank you for your hard work, persistence, and flexibility.

I am wondering about setting up small social sessions in an effort to create some of the serendipitous connections that happen at a conference.
I have some ideas, but would like to brainstorm them here to see what others think.

Just Brainstorming-
  • Local groups meeting outdoors at social distances and zooming in with other conference attendees.
  • A guided beginner's group using the beginner sessions in the Lecture Library, then meeting on Zoom to discuss the material in the lecture (could last for 60 days!)
  • A guided DNA group, also watching the lectures, then meeting to discuss the material.  As this is probably a big group of people, perhaps dividing into smaller discussion groups?
  • Some sort of bulletin board where attendees could make "coffee dates" to meet other attendees either by telephone or free zoom accounts

Would love to hear other's feedback!
Peggy Mosinger Freedman
JGS of Georgia

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