Re: Warsaw pre-1939 districts: Orla str. and Kr #holocaust #warsaw

Michael Turnbull <corbie41@...>

Many thanks for this!
How far back do the owner directories go for Warsaw? Where can I access them?
Adolf Tarnower was born in district V/VI, Sygnatura 77 but his family in 1930 was at Orla str and in 1935 at Krolewska str 29A. He was an architect and businessman but I have not been able to find where he was living when his son Aleksandre was born on 20 Feb 1915. He had a sister also but I don't know her name yet.
I am searching for Aleksandre's Birth Record and perhaps also other forms of Identity document, such as a 
Familijna Ksiązka Legitymacyjna, or  “Metryka Urodzenia” or “Odpis Aktu Urodzenia”  or “Dowod Osobisty.

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