Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

N. Summers

For the life of me, I cannot remember which organization arranged money transfers to Eastern Europe from Americans. I know that my relatives (the Finkelsteins) asked for funds to come to the US from their cousin Abraham Sukoenig/Koenig in 1919 or 1920,  and I have seen a record of the request, but I can't find it on my computer or on the internet. Could someone please save me from myself and remind me which organization this was?

many thanks

Nancy Summers

Maryland, USA


FINKELSTEIN, BOOKSTEIN, KOENIG/SUKOENIG, LUSMAN, GOLDINER, SAGORODER/ZAGORODER (Radziwillow, Belarus/Ukraine; Ostrog, Poland/Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; Wolinsky, Russia/Ukraine)

LISS/ALPER  (Motol, Russia/Belarus)

LEAF/LIFSCHITZ ( Rechitsa, Belarus)

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