Re: Florence MARMOR burial records of the New York Mokkom Sholom, Bayside and Acacia cemeteries #usa


Yes thank you! I was in contact with Florence many years ago when Bayside was being “cleaned up” by a Mormon group during the litigation. My great-Uncle was buried there & is on the list (Isak Blumenthal age 1yr 10m. As far as I know they never found his grave or bones (I was in touch w/the man working on the area he was buried in). But he was a baby so...On the spreadsheet there are some ?? under cause of death as they listed several. He died of TB. The rest were just a result of the TB. His mother -listed on the spreadsheet as Emilie/Mollie Gryngras died 6 yrs later as she also had TB. She died soon after giving birth to another child who miraculously survived until her late 90’s. And she also had TB. I would not be here if that had not happened as my great grandmother Rebecca Schoenberg was sent for from Kuz’myn Ukraine to marry David Blumenthal & take care of his children & she would have 4 more girls including my grandmother Mollie (named after his 1st wife). Strange world. So thank you & thank you Florence (I know she is gone) for your amazing work. I’m glad that things are a bit better at Bayside. 

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