Travel from Buchach to USA transmigrating via United Kingdom #unitedkingdom

Murray Sperber

I am trying to figure a time line on my father and his family's travel
to the US via Ellis Island, arriving February 22, 1921. His passport has
a stamp  "American Consulate General at Warsaw, Poland Jan 10 1921".

On the "Transmigrants" roster for the Cunard line the family departed
Southampton on February 15, 1921.  I am trying to construct a time line
from January 10, 1921 to February 15, 1921. According to Google Maps
today the trip from Buchach to Warsaw would take about 8 hours.  I have
no idea what it would have been, most likely by train, in 1921.

According to the transmigrants roster the family arrived in the UK at
the Port of Hull on the steamship line "Wilsons", no arrival date for Hull.

According to some research I'v done there were agents who took care of
the passport, or was it necessary for the immigrant to physically go to
the Consulate?  Is it possible that the family would travel to Warsaw,
then back to Buchach to leave a few weeks later for the departure port?

The Wilson line traveled primarily between Scandinavian ports and the
UK.  I have been unable to find any passenger lists for the Wilson
line.  Another question I have is what was the most likely port of

Murray S. Sperber

Los Angeles, CA

Researching SPERBER, Yazlovitz

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