Chasing a Mystery in Philly, and Looking for Puzzle Pieces: Abraham Louis Snader #usa

Eric Ellman


My wife's family has only recently learned that my wife's grandfather (Abraham Louis Snader) was briefly married before his marriage to my wife's grandmother.  This is a surprise.  The first marriage did NOT end in the death of the first wife.

What I know:
* Abraham Louis Snader sometimes went by A. Louis Snader or Louis Snader or Louie Snader.
* 1928.  First marriage; marriage certificate index.  Abraham L. Snader married Lea H. Fleysher in Philadelphia in 1928.  The marriage license number is 563815.  This marriage has only recently come to our attention.
* 1930.  The 1930 census, Abraham Louis Snader not found; Lea found; they are not together.  I cannot find Abraham Louis Snader in the census for Pennsylvania.  Yet Lea is there and is enumerated elsewhere.  In 1930, Lea was twenty-six years old (b. 1904) and was living with her parents, Hamsey Fleysher (b. 1874) and Sophie Fleysher (b. 1878).  The family lived at 2946 Columbia Ave. in Philly.  Lea, born in Russia, was listed as single.  She immigrated in 1906, was naturalized, and was working as a stenographer in an office.  That she was employed in 1930 is interesting.  
* 1931.  Second marriage.  Abraham L. Snader married Celia Baseman in Philadelphia in 1931.
* 1935.  Death of first wife, Lea Fleysher.  According to an index of obits in the Jewish Exponent, Lea H. Fleysher died Feb. 17, 1935.
* 1935.  Burial of first wife, Lea Fleysher.  According to findagrave, Lea H. Fleysher is buried in Montefiore Cemetery in Jenkintown (Mont. Co.), Sec. 8, Lot 5, Grave 3.  Phila. Lodge Society.  Lea is buried with Hansley Fleysher (DOD April 9, 1934) and Sophie Fleysher (DOD Dec. 5, 1947).  Hansley and Sophie are likely Lea’s parents.  
* 1935.  Lea is buried as Fleysher, so she did not take the Snader name, at least after 1931 and it is likely she did not remarry in the four years from Abraham Louis Snader's second marriage to Lea's death.

What I need:
* Marriage certificate index. I sent a letter to the Philadelphia 
Marriage License Bureau requesting a copy of the marriage record.
* I am still looking for Abraham Louis Snader in the 1930 census.

What I need and where I can use help (I am in DC and not local to Philly)
* Does anyone know how/where to request a death certificate for Lea Fleysher (Feb. 17, 1935)?  In obtaining the certificate, does it matter that she is the first wife of my wife's grandfather and is not directly related to my wife or my wife's parents?
* Does anyone know how/where I can obtain a copy of the obituary for Lea Fleysher (Feb. 17, 1935) from the Jewish Exponent?
* Divorce was quite rare in 1928-1931, of course.  Does anyone know how/where I can learn if there was a divorce and obtain that divorce record for Abraham Louis Snader and Lea Fleysher?  The divorce would have been in or between 1928-1931.
* It is possible that the Depression might somehow be connected to the dissolution of marriage, but I would not likely know that unless there was a divorce proceeding.

Eric J. Ellman
North Bethesda, Maryland

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