Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Mark Strauss

Ancestry predicts that my wife and I are 6th to 8th cousins with 10 cM shared. I have slightly more with her maternal uncle. We have two very healthy and successful adult children. We also discovered that both of our maternal great-grandmothers came from Vilkaviskis, but have not found the paper trail linking our two families. Known surnames from Vilkaviskis in my family were Rousuk and Ephraimson. In her family, the family name was Ringel.

I also found a distant link on another branch of my mother’s family going back about 12 generations, where we have found a common ancestor with my wife’s paternal family:  Moses Auerbach, A family of scholars, the progenitor of which was Moses Auerbach, court Jew to the bishop of Regensburg, about 1497. He is my wife’s 13x Great-Grandfather and my 15x Greatfather.  Moses' daughter Gittel Isserles is my 14x great-grandmother and his son, Simon Wolf Auebach is my wife’s 12x great-grandfather.  

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