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<<Can anyone suggest how I can find the exact date when my grandfather died and the cemetery where he was buried? His name was Siegfried Rosenberg and he was born in Usingen, Germany, on 23 February 1886. He died in New York City in 1953 – I'm fairly sure sometime in November. I was told that he was buried in a vast Jewish cemetery somewhere in New Jersey.>>

Oliver, was your grandfather an observant Jew? And did he live in Washington Heights (northern Manhattan)? If so, the burial that Jeff Goldner found on JOWBR is promising, because it's on the grounds of what was popularly known as "Breuer's," an Orthodox synagogue in Washington Heights that was founded by German Jews. 

If the Siegfried Rosenberg at King Solomon is not the right person, try Cedar Park-Beth El in Paramus, New Jersey, another cemetery where many German Jews are buried.

One more option is to order a copy of what could be your grandfather's death record:

17 Sept 1953 Manhattan
Age 67
Certificate #20404

This listing doesn't show up in a search of Ancestry's index to NYC death, 1949-1965. However, the Rosenberg page of the original 1953 index book shows the entry, barely legible. Information on ordering copies of NYC death records is here: .


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