SAM WEISSBERGER - U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007 #general


*** a little long post + 2 questions***

My paternal great grandmother's brother Samuel Weiszberger, was born in
what was then the Austro-Hungarian empire on the 10th of October 1878.
My father who drew a family tree of that side - didn't know him.
I found him looking for the BMD of the other people in that tree.
Some time in 2009 my father's second cousin ( from the same side ) said that
this person existed , and he was indeed the brother of my great grandmother
and that he disappeared in the US.
I was looking for him -on and off - ever since.
When I look in the US I usually write the Hungarian WEISZBERGER as
WEISSBERGER and SAMUEL as SAM to get more results.
thinking this was his way to make things easier and more American.
Lately I found in myheritage research part an extract from a record from
: U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007

It only included the following details:
Name : Sam Weissberger
Type: Claim
Birth: 18th October 1878 Hungary
Claim date: 24th September 1976
Death date: 5th Aug. 1946
Field office address: 11 W42 ST. NYC
Reference no.: 65179247946
Claim type: Death Claim

This raises a few questions:
1. I didn't find any place where I could see the original. DOES ANYONE
2. The death claim was submitted on 24th September 1976 over 20 years
after the actual death ( 15th July 1946) .I believe this is a transcription
error . What do you think? (The only thing that encouraged me in submitting
a claim is that there was a wife or a child that survived him.)

Nava Giron

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