Re: How to obtain documents in France? #france

Bernard Flam

From Paris,
Hi Ilya,
"Memoire des hommes" (Keeping memory of soldiers, resistants, deportees,..) is the official service of French Ministry of Defense (Army) in charge of history and archives.
You can find traces of any person killed, wounded, during our 20th century History
For deportees,
They have various places where documents are kept and can be viewed / copied depending of which part of French military history is concerned : Invalides (Paris center), Vincennes (Paris East suburb), Caen (Normandy), etc...
In normal time, you can ask copies without visiting archives.
But due to lockdown, I guess a large part of activity is still closed or just reopen (June 30th in Caen)
For myself, I ask a copy in Caen in late February, no reply till today.
I check how you could contact them, we can go on privately.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund) of France

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