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From: rhonda.
I recently received a photo of my great grandfather and great uncle’s grave stone from Saddle Ridge, NJ. The dates match my research. My mother is doubting its authenticity because her family lived in New York and were too poor to afford the nice size stone. Does anyone know why New York families were burying their family members in New Jersey?

It is more often about the burial or social society that they belonged to.  Remember burial was not permitted in Manhattan so it would have been Queens or Brooklyn or New Jersey.  I would look to see if they are in a burial society plot and see if you can find any information about that society. 

In my research I found a ladies organization in the Bronx that had its burial plot in central New Jersey.  I knew the woman lived in the Bronx and I would never have guessed she was buried where she is.

My family is the other way.  They always lived in Northern New Jersey but the temple they belonged to had a plot in Brooklyn.  So from around 1900 to the 1940s all the family members were buried in Brooklyn.

Allan Jordan

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