Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland

Roger Browdy

My wife’s father’s family came from Krynki and later moved to Bialystok.  Their name was Suchonitzki.  We visited Krynki in 2004 or 2005.  We had family photographs that were taken in the cemetery of Krynki.  When we were there, we could figure out approximately where her ancestor’s grave was by comparing the background, which had not changed, and some distinctive headstones, which were all pretty much destroyed.  It was harder because of the coat of snow on the ground while we were there.  Our guide talked to a local who said that many of the gravestones had been used to build a community center not far away. 


We don’t know what relatives remained in Krynki during the war and who survived.  My wife’s father moved to Israel in the 30’s prior to the war. 


I responded to jschonholz with my email address.  If people interested in this topic will write to her, perhaps she can start an email group to correspond among ourselves.  When we have such a group I can send some old family photographs of Krynki and our photographs from our trip there in 2004 or 2005.


Roger and Irith Browdy

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