Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland


My father's family were also tanners from Krinki. here's a letter i sent to another person who responded to my inquiry.
Hi there, My return mail will take some time as i just had surgery to two damaged fingers so instead of very fast typing, which i am capable of, i will be typing "hunt and peck" style. 
My father's family history dated (without any documentation) to well before the middle of the 19th century in that town's primary industry, leather tanning. Dad was one of the younger sons of eleven  plus 3 daughters with an ultra-orthodox attitude toward Judaism(it seemed he was actually obsessively religious from a wide variety of reports) who knew only the leather whip to use to discipline his children. All of the family worked in the leather factories and it must have been terrible work with all the chemicals being used at the time. Dad's older brothers joined the revolutionaries (whites, not reds) and by 1914, were wanted by the reds or by the tsar's army so they escaped through Germany to ship out to America. three of his sibs became fruit peddlers in northern New Jersey (horse-drawn wagons) and had a wagon waiting for my father when he could escape, too. Gradually, all if his sibs emigrated except for his eldest sib, Frumke, who was, against their father's wishes, finally brought out of Krinki, with her 8 children AND her parents, very late in the 1930's, to board ship for the US. They were refused entry into the US as Roosevelt claimed our immigration quota from eastern Europe (substitute "Jews" for eastern Europe) was full so they were admitted into Canada(Montreal) where they established themselves in various jobs, including a chocolate factory! A couple of years later, mu g'parents were moved tom live with their eldest sons in New Jersey. Within 2 years, both of my g'parents died. It is claimed their death was due to malnutrition as my g'father refused to eat food at his children's tables as it was not fit (adequately kosher) to eat and could not be dissuaded from that idea. As i said earlier, he certainly was religiously obsessed.
Any way, their stories are interesting to few as it is not all that unusual but i and my 6 sibs are products of that history. 
Google Maps does show Krinki as sort of a widening of the road with a few buildings still there. Since the holocaust, i understand there are no records remaining of its residents. those records would have been kept in the schuls.
Our extended family have done their own diaspora with some in Israel and other scattered around the US. Our family name in Krinki was Sturmach; changed somewhere/somehow to Stollman. I hope i have not overly bored you with this superficial photograph of my family.
i hope you are and stay healthy. I am open to further conversations.

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