Research Libraries Tell Publishers to Drop Their Lawsuit Against The Internet Archive #general

Jan Meisels Allen


In March, I posted about the Internet Archive suspending its waitlists for over the 1.4 million books their lending library by creating a National Emergency Library without joining a waitlist.  Due to the Coronavirus  outbreak public libraries are closed and this facilitates access to read while keeping safe.  Now publishers are suing the Internet Archive saying the  Internet Archive's Open Library and National Emergency Library are "not libraries."  The Association of Research Libraries has put out a statement asking publishers to drop this counter-productive lawsuit (, especially since the Internet Archive has shut down the National Emergency Library.


The Association of Research Libraries stated,Over the past four weeks, IA’s Open Library has circulated more than 400,000 digital books without any user cost—including out-of-copyright works, university press titles, and recent works of academic interest—using controlled digital lending (CDL). CDL is a practice whereby libraries lend temporary digital copies of print books they own in a one-to-one ratio of “loaned to owned,” and where the print copy is removed from circulation while the digital copy is in use.

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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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