Looking for "State of Rapena" or "Liabin" in Russian Poland #poland

Cai Maver

I've been searching for a very long time for my ancestor Meyer LEVI, born about 1856 to Meyer LEVI and Emma BOOKNAN. I only have two records that are specifically about Meyer to be able to find where in Europe he came from.
His 1886 marriage record in Hermosillo, Mexico is the one that gives his parents names and says (in Spanish) that he is "originario de Polo Russia, Estado de Rapena." I've uploaded the image in case anyone would like to see for themselves: http://www.caimaver.com/coughlan/records/1886_m_Levy__Hermosillo-a.jpg
Meyer's other record is his 1917 US-Mexico border crossing manifest where his birthplace is difficult to make out, but looks like it says "Liabin, Russian Poland". His nationality is also given as "Russian". That record is uploaded here: http://www.caimaver.com/coughlan/records/1917_bor_Levi_Mayer__Douglas.jpg
I've searched quite a bit (the JewishGen Gazetteer and Communities databases, old maps, general googling), but I can't find place names that seem like a good fit for either of those places. For the "State of Rapena," the "Urochishche Repino" seems to be the closest fit, but I'm not sure if that was a political division of that time. Likewise, Rypin seems like it could fit, but I don't think it was considered something like a "state" in Meyer's lifetime. There are a number of places that might loosely fit "Liabin", but it's really hard to say and I'm not even sure I'm reading what's on the border crossing record correctly. I'm also aware that there are several languages at play here between what the places may have been called in any given year, Meyer's native language, and the Spanish or English speaking clerks recording these two records.
I've also tried searching for Meyer Levi and/or his parents in various databases, and trying to match up place names that seem like a decent fit, but haven't had any luck. I've nearly given up being able to find out where Meyer came from, but I'm hoping that someone on this list more familiar with place names in "Russian Poland" might have some insight.

Thank you,
Cai Maver

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