How to make sense of two death records that don't make sense to me #germany

Shana Millstein

While research my German relative Seraphina LICHTENSTEIN WETZLAR I’ve come across an odd situation that I’m not sure how to interpret.  I found what I believed to be her death record from 1901: 88 year old Seraphina Lichtenstein, a widow of B. Wetzlar, and the daughter of the dancing-master Levi Lichtenstein and his wife Henriette born Lichtenstedter both deceased. The record was read, approved and signed by Leopold Wetzlar (son of Seraphina).

I then found an earlier record of the 1890 death of 84 year old Seraphine Lichtenstein, unmarried. It would be easy to conclude this is a different person with the same name, but the record also states that she was the daughter of the dance-teacher Israel Levi Lichtenstein and wife Friedericke, born Lichtenstäd. This record was read, approved and signed by Henriette Lichtenstein. Any ideas to make sense of this?  

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