Re: Piesklaik Family #general

Sherri Bobish

Hi Lawrie,

The surname Piesklaik (that exact spelling) seems to be rare, and limited to Canada.  A search of both and find only a handful of listings in databases.

I did find that there are two people with that name who were with The Lagover Mutual Benefit Society.,%20No%204_Autumn%201999.pdf

The Society still exists.

Perhaps this society may hold records of members which contain helpful data.

I did find at a Louis Piesklaik making a U.S. border crossing on 13 Oct 1923

His card has a place of birth, but the card is terribly hard to read.  My best guess is that it might say Raiff, or Laiff as the town name.  The country Russia is clear to read.

A soundex search at
finds a few hits for both spellings, but no clear possibilities for the town.

Perhaps one of our JewishGen mavens can help solve this mystery?


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

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